Meh Face Facts 4 U

Moose posted some pics said

Hey everybody Did You Know today is our 1,276th meh face? That number isn’t significant for any reason, except that it is a significant number of meh faces!

Also, Did You Know what our biggest meh face is? Can you guess? Did you guess the only meh face to ever include color (don’t fact check me!), the Eclipse one?

Well Did You Know you’d be close! That one is second place at only 13495 bytes. The real answer is this one from 10/29/14!

This monster weighs in at 13961 bytes, Did You Know that? Its size is probably due to the fact that it is slightly grey instead of black for some reason! Pobody’s nerfect, am I right?

Here is a graph of how big each meh face is.
Did You Know the average is 2197.77 bytes, or just over 2 KB?

Why am I talking so much about the size of Meh Faces? Because there isn’t much else to say. Did You Know?

Did You Know here is a gif of every Meh Face!

Each face shows for only .1 second, and the gif still lasts longer than two minutes! Don’t fact check me! It’s true!

Did You Know Snapchat is a popular phone app for sharing photos that may or may not be appropriate for younger audiences but is now just good for making your face look funny? And Did You Know you can make your own Snapchat Lenses? And Did You Know you can view this image in snapchat and press and hold on it to load a surprise that will shock and delight your friends and family? DID YOU KNOW?

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All of this information will be out of date in less than seven hours!