mediocre art for the membership class


Many of you saw a post last week titled mediocrebot takes an art class. Perhaps a sense of grim foreboding developed as you watched moderators and staff trying out a new image creation command called /showme. If not, you’re in for an even greater dose of that here!

Next up, Mediocrebot is ready to try its hand (gripper tool?) at image creation for all members. If you’re a member, just hop on into this thread and give it a shot. If you want to improve your chances of actual decent results, find articles on Stable Diffusion prompts like this guide or watch what others are flailing around at and copy them.

Note: Each image render takes a good bit of computing power. If a lot of folks are making /showme requests of Mediocrebot, they will back up and take a few minutes to complete. As others join in, this delay could build. Therefore, for now we’re just making this feature known via this forum topic.

This topic is a great place to try things out without annoying people. But for those of you wondering, yes this works in any topic. Our advice is to use your powers sparingly.

Again, this is a feature for Active Members. join here if you want to try it out first hand

otherwise, enjoy the art show! (sorry-not-sorry)