March 19 -- Diner Dilemma

mikibell thought this was worth mentioning said

Soooo, a new diner opened up on Friday about a block away. I have been watching for the “open” sign to light with great anticipation! My husband knows what a diner ho I am; whenever we travel, I search out new diners to try!

However, I have a loaf of Challah bread drying out…I REALLY should use it before it gets toooo far gone…but I lovvvee it when someone else makes my breakfast!

What I love about diners is that you can get breakfast at anytime…you can even get pot roast and mashed potatoes at 6 am… So if your belly is moody like mine is, you can always make it happy at a diner!

What type of restaurant makes your toes tingle? Why?

Happy Saint Joseph’s day to you all!