March 18 -- What kind of shopper are you?

mikibell posted a pic said

I am procrastinating, because I don’t want to go dress shopping. So here I am writing today’s post. Not including online shopping, which is my absolute favorite way to shop!
I was cringing because my mom was dragging me to Nordstrom to buy a gift for her friend. Love my mom, love shopping…don’t love shopping with anyone in a big store.

I like to know what I am buying, go alone to the store, get in and out in the least amount of time. I do not like to “browse” to racks, I do not like to wander aimlessly through the store, I do not like herding cats! Invariably, when I shop with others, I get separated from them (kids excluded). They stop and look at something and I am focused on my goal, no dawdling!

When you do have to actually go into a store, what kind of shopper are you-- the destination oriented or the meandered? Do you prefer to shop alone or do enjoy having someone to chitchat with? Is it a Herculean task or a day in the park?

Still dreading going dress shopping, but it must be done! Mom cancelled Nordstrom trip…

Have a fantastic day!