Look Smart Trivia: Blurry Record Labels


Is it the strong visual identity that makes classic record-label logos so instantly evocative? Or is it just a learned association with the magnificent recordings they’ve adorned? The important thing is, I’ve padded out this intro with two wordy rhetorical questions. First player to unfuzz these label logos wins a $5 Meh coupon, which used to be enough to buy you a vinyl album, sonny. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

@glundqui came on like a regular Rona Barrett yesterday, naming all of our Co-Star Couples AND the movies or TV shows they were working on together when they met. Today, $5 Meh coupon - tomorrow, a job at TMZ?

  1. David Tennant & Georgia Moffett, Doctor Who
  2. Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan, Family Ties
  3. Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr., I Know What You Did Last Summer
  4. Clark Gable & Carole Lombard, No Man of Her Own
  5. Alicia Vikander & Michael Fassbender, The Light Between Oceans