Look Smart Trivia: Ad Mascots


I hate so, SO much about advertising, but I love advertising mascots. True confession: once when I was a kid, I actually went through the Yellow Pages and cut out all the anthropomorphized mufflers and cheerful dairy cows and glued them into a little scrapbook. If you’ve ever been as much of a nerd as I am, you’ll breeze through this one. The first player to name either the brands or the characters shown here will score a $5 Meh coupon. Five bucks will buy you a lot of Yellow Pages. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

You can trust @medz on your next mid-session booze run. They successfully identified all five of our Blurry Beer Cans last Friday. And that $5 Meh coupon means @medz will have a extra fiver to kick in toward more beer:

  1. Boddingtons Pub Ale
  2. Heileman’s Old Style
  3. Yuengling Traditional Lager
  4. National Bohemian Beer
  5. Molson Canadian Premium Lager