Look Smart Trivia: Blurry Beer Cans


Unlike most of the useless crap we feature here, today’s game tests an aptitude that actually has a real-world application: the ability to discern one beer label from another when your vision is impaired. Strap on your beer goggles - if you’re the first to tell us what these five blurred brews are, you’ll win a $5 Meh coupon. No, we don’t sell beer, but if you stick around a while we’re almost certain to offer another cut-rate breathalyzer at some point. Insert sign-off catchphrase here!

@Limewater barely broke a sweat yesterday, ID’ing our five Great Lakefronts in a Duluth minute and scoring a $5 Meh coupon. It’s gonna be a hot time in Erie tonight!

  1. Toronto
  2. Milwaukee
  3. Cleveland
  4. Buffalo
  5. Chicago