Look Smart Trivia 6: Blurry NBA Logos


Remember that time you got totally drunk in an NBA fan store? You weren’t making an embarrassing ass of yourself - you were preparing for this quiz! I’ve taken five basketball logos of varying degrees of familiarity, and shrouded them in the mists of the Blur filter. The first player to squint through the clouds and post all five teams below will win a $5 Meh coupon. Good luck! Insert signoff catchphrase here!

Last Friday’s Prehistoric Mammal jam was won by @cinoclav, after several frustrating rounds of edits by phone. If these beasts had had that kind of never-say-die spirit, they might still be around today:

  1. Coelodonta antiquitatis (Woolly rhino)
  2. Diprotodon
  3. Glyptodon
  4. Gigantopithecus blacki
  5. Jeholodens jenkinsi