Look Smart Trivia 5: Prehistoric Mammals


Everybody loves dinosaurs, but the most underrated megafauna are the prehistoric mammals. Beyond the mastodon/mammoth and the sabertooth cat, they just haven’t had the pop sensibility to capture a commercial audience. Maybe, in some small way, today’s visual trivia quiz can help. Come on, Hollywood! A warm-blooded Jurassic Park is a sure-fire blockbuster!

In the meantime, the first one of you to name all of these effortlessly cool creatures will score a $5 coupon code from Meh. We’ll officially anoint that champion in Monday’s post - yesterday’s winner and answers are below. Insert sign-off catchphrase here!

Yesterday’s video edition of Look Smart Trivia proved that @sammydog01 has watched more NBC Thursday Nights than the rest of us. The clips were from:

  1. 30 Rock
  2. A Different World
  3. ER
  4. Boston Common
  5. Joey