Look Smart Trivia 2: Islands With A Twist


Funny how all those shapes on the map that seem so familiar look so foreign when north isn’t “up”. For today’s quiz, I’ve taken five highly recognizable islands and rotated them by varying degrees (literally). It’s disorienting (literally)! The first player to untwist all five islands and post the correct answers in a comment will win a $5 coupon from Meh. We’ll announce those winners tomorrow.

Yesterday’s winners are down below. By the way, we’ve decided to limit winners to once every seven days to give more people a shot at that prize fiver. Good luck! Insert signoff catchphrase here!

Yesterday’s game, Famous Firsts, was won by lichme. Your Meh coupon code is LOOKSMART (it expires in a year). Congratz ‘n’ stuff - you’re a famous first now too! Now you can kick back and spectate for the next seven days. The correct answers were:

  1. Laika (first dog in space)
  2. Wings (first best picture winner)
  3. Delaware (first US state to ratify the constitution)
  4. Roger Bannister (first person to run a mile in less than 4 minutes)
  5. Sandra Day O’Connor (first woman on the US Supreme Court)