Look Smart Trivia: Famous Firsts


Do you like trivia? Do you have eyes? Could you use the occasional five bucks to throw around at Meh? Then I think you’re gonna like this new thing I’m doing. It’s called Look Smart Trivia, it happens in the Meh forums every Monday through Friday, and it gives me a great excuse to mingle among the Mehterati once again!

Here’s how it works: we show you five things. You tell us what they are in a comment in the thread. The first player to name all five will get a $5 coupon code from your favorite online store! Which is Meh, right? RIGHT?

For our first quiz, it made sense to me to celebrate famous firsts. Here are five illustrious trailblazers whose ranks are sure to be joined by Look Smart Trivia in history’s annals. Take a look at them. Discuss with your fellow Mehtizens. Kvetch. Parley. Accuse. Deny. Google, if you’re really lame. Then post your best stab at naming all five in a comment below.

Tomorrow (yes! we do this EVERY weekday!), we’ll announce who nailed it first, and award that genius a $5 token of esteem for their brilliance. See you then! Insert signoff catchphrase here!