Kitchen assistance

mikibell thought this was worth mentioning said

Sooo… a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, my husband thought it was a brilliant idea to purchase me a 5 burner gas stove. It has a black porcelain top that seems to attract goop. I spend hours trying to get this goop off the stove top. I have tried vinegar and baking soda, goo gone, a scrub daddy sponge… etc. Some limited success with the grime boss wipes, but they get destroyed in no time. Oh, and it has this “power burner” that seems to be the worst to get clean. Not sure if it is the extra btu’s or the fact we use that burner more often.

Is there some way, other than expecting the heathens in my house to clean up immediately, to break through this gunk without scratching the stove top? I have googled it, but none of the remedies get through that last layer. I am about to blow torch it!!! I am not opposed to hard work, but darn it, this is exhausting.

P.S. I do love my stove and we are happily getting old together.