Just so we're clear...

shahnm thought this was worth mentioning said

Granted I’ve been busy lately, and unfortunately that has kept me away from Meh much of the time for the past week or two. And I can understand that things change from time to time. I can accept new rules and changing policies. Hey, times change and we have to keep up, right?

But so I’m clear: from now on, you can’t say it on the front page, but you can show videos of it?

Perhaps it’s just that I’m a pretty straightforward Mehtizen, and complicated rules confuse me more than they do others. Maybe I’m just overthinking things. Maybe it’s just the way things need to be and I need to just deal with it. Maybe it’s fine to use euphemisms, so that just some specific words are taboo, but not the concepts.

Maybe… maybe it bothers me more than it should…