It's a thon. Very Meh. No "rah".

werehatrack thought this was worth mentioning said

The Side Deal IRK is a hundred bucks. According to what I read in the details, if you buy crap in this May-The-Fourth-Be-With-You 'thon, you will get a refund of equal value up to $99.99, potentially allowing you to get the IRK for a penny. Buy just the IRK, and you’ll get it for a hundred bucks, and most likely will NOT be amused. Recent IRKs have ranged from the sublime to the insulting.

The high-buck SideDeal IRKs lasted all day on the last such round, and those were just $50. In my absolutely not at all humble opinion, you’d have to be bonkers to shell out for the IRK before willingly spending a minimum of $96 on 'thon purchases. (And if you spend enough to get the IRK at reasonable cost, don’t FORGET to BUY the IRK!)