Is the store where I work haunted in a super-boring way? Pt. II

mossygreen went on a bit of a rant said

Almost exactly one year ago I asked here if the store where I work is haunted, based on clicking security cameras and a SPOOKY CORNER. The general consensus was that, while it may or may not be haunted, the clicking cameras probably had nothing to do with it. And the SPOOKY CORNER doesn’t appear to be spooky anymore, so it may have been a SPOOKY BATTERY-POWERED SECURITY LIGHT IN CASE OF POWER OUTAGES which was haunted, and has since been removed.

The store always has some noise, because we don’t have a drop ceiling and hear everything from the roof when it’s windy, or if the air conditioning is acting weird, or really, any time. Our doorbell goes off ALL THE DAMN TIME, even when no one is anywhere near the path of the sensor, or in the front of the store, possibly because of the air conditioning blowing the window shades. Possibly. This is all fine.

But the noises have changed this summer. Sometimes when I’m in the back of the store, at the end of the day, by myself, sounds come from the office like someone is in there. Specifically, shifting their weight or turning around in one of the chairs, and sometimes something that sounds like shuffling papers. The office is up a short flight of stairs and I have my back to it when I’m doing end-of-day stuff. It doesn’t scare me, but a few times it was loud enough that I got up and stuck my head in the office to see if anyone was in there.

I mentioned this to one of the managers, who responded that yeah, the noises are getting worse. I’ve worked in this store for 15 years (good god), and he’s been here for 12 years. I also mentioned it to the other manager (also 12 years), who was convinced before that something was watching her from the southeast corner of the ceiling in the back of the store. I was out of town recently, and when I got back she said to me that she heard the noise I was talking about when she was closing one night, it sounded exactly like the general manager turning around in his chair. And I was like, RIGHT? IT’S NOT SCARY, IT’S JUST WEIRD.

So, here are my questions:
Is the store where I work haunted?
Could it be security cameras again? A camera in the office definitely clicks when I’m moving around, but this is happening when the the office is empty and lit (there is a monitor with the security camera feeds on it–could it be activating the camera?). And can a security camera sound like a swivel office chair?
Is the chair haunted?
Is the general manager visiting the office in his astral body? Can an astral body affect a swivel office chair?
Why did this start in the summer? Is the air conditioner haunted?