Instant Regret Kit One Minute Lottery

OnionSoup went on a bit of a rant said

Ok… So the purpose of the IRK, I assume, is to keep us captivated and hanging around during your Mehrathon. To provide some fun and community-building, clear out some overstock, at the same time. Etc.

The problem with the IRK is that it heavily favours people with low latency and high speed internet. (Not that it can’t be won on a slower connection, it’s just harder… Especially when you’re only giving twenty something out at a time).

My solution. The one minute IRK lottery. Anyone who hits buy on an IRK in the first minute of it being posted gets entered into a lottery for that IRK (so users still have to watch the clock and stay on your site all day).

You could probably also rig it so that anyone who has made another purchase that day, on another non-IRK item, gets a double chance to win the lottery. Perhaps each item you buy gives you an extra “ticket” in the lottery. (But they still have to be present to click the Buy button in that first minute).

Thoughts? I think it would help you out (encourage more buying, and also more people might hang around for an IRK if they thought they actually stood a chance). At the same time, it would make a more level playing field for everyone else. One minute to get in on the lottery would still provide a level of urgency.