Inflatable of the Day 4/30


For the final Inflatable of the Day, I will feature the PuffyPaws Husky! This cute pup is the face of PuffyPaws Custom Toys and is perhaps the single most recognizable custom inflatable toy in the world. The Husky was the first PuffyPaws toy to be offered for preorder to the public, and has since been re-run once. My husky, named Shasta, was produced as part of this second run. She is 6 feet tall and has separate air chambers for her legs. Many consider the Husky’s face to be one of the most adorable on any inflatable, and I’d have to agree! She also has an appropriately curled tail and pads on her paws. Her vinyl is soft and smooth, and she becomes incredibly springy in the sun. She’s one of my favorite companions!

Shas and I at Cocoa Beach

Shas, sit!

Looking a little soft in the living room