I went on a mild hike on Sunday. Ouch.


3 hours or so.
Hill country, Tx.
Morning, so the heat not too bad yet.
High humidity tho,
Had hat and water.

Enjoyed it.

But, my! Am I out of shape or whut!!!

Los and lots of getting sweaty and resting here and there. Fortunately, lots of shade.


Jacob’s Well near Wimberly, TX.

Warning to divers: If you aren’t a very experienced and professionally trained cave diver, don’t even think about it.

Besides, only certified and approved cave diving persons are allowed by special license from the county,

Having the professionals bring up what’s left of no-longer-breathing-daredevils is financially and emotionally exhausting, and also puts the rescue/recovery personnel at risk.

This place has a lot of confirmed deaths among too-eager divers, and rumors of possibly 100’s more since it first was mapped in the 1800’s.

However, it’s absolutely lovely ultra clear pure water straight from the acquirer.

I just went to look. Always wanted to.

No swimming right now, the water levels are way too low for the pool area to fill up.

Also, the trail to the well has to be hiked. No paved your wheelchair/stroller friendly ways, and some rough staircases or rocks to clamber over.

A gifted free diver who had probs on his dove and might be lucky to be alive:


A story of diving fatalities 1979:


Both bodies were recovered, separately, one after about 10 years, the other decades later.

Several v experienced divers have died in the underwater cave system since then. I know of at least 4.