Have you ever lost your wedding ring? {Necropost}


I am coming up on my first anniversary on the 31st, and yesterday I lost my wedding ring! I had it in my pocket because I was putting lotion on my hands and didn’t want to get any on it. Then I forgot about it. I assume what happened next was I put my keys in my pocket, and when I was going to leave the thrift store I went to, I pulled out my keys and my ring fell out.

When I noticed it was gone a few minutes later, I was pretty distraught. I retraced my steps but didn’t find it. I spent the whole afternoon crying like a baby. My husband was pretty amazing about it, and brought me home comic books to try and comfort me.

I decided to visit the same store this morning, and give the parking lot another once-over. Miraculously, I found it!! It had been sitting there for a full day and looked like a car had run it over. It wasn’t bent, but it has a bit of pitting from the gravel.

I dusted it off and slipped it back on, never to go into my pocket again. I’m an idiot, but a very lucky idiot.

Who else has lost their wedding ring?