Happy Grab Some Nuts Day, August 3rd!

ThunderChicken thought this was worth mentioning said

Why would there be a holiday called Grab Some Nuts day? Well, why not?

The hardest thing about grabbing some nuts is there always seems to be someone around who’ll tell you what you call a nut is not really a nut. Peanuts aren’t really nuts, they’ll say. Walnuts aren’t nuts, cashews aren’t nuts, pistachios aren’t nuts. Even almonds aren’t nuts. It’s enough to drive you nuts.

So, how should one celebrate such an awesome holiday? A few suggestions:
–Grab your nuts.
–Grab someone else’s nuts. (Be careful whose. Some folks are picky about who they let grab their nuts.)
–Dive into that big shipment from NutDrop. Or, umm, well, forget that one.
–Think up celebrity nut names, song, movie or TV titles, such as these nutty ones:
----Tango & Cashew
----Almond in the Family
----The Place Beyond the Pine Nuts
----Johnny Cashews
----The Nuts from Brazil
----Goin’ Coconuts (not something I had to think up but I just like the sound of it)