Happy 0th Birthday Fruit for IRKs


Hopefully, anyway.

enter image description here

I have much more than this. As many mangoes, bananas, avocados and sapodillas as anyone could ever want. Coincidentally, these all ship well. I have too much fruit and meh has too much junk, so I propose a mutually beneficial exchange: I can send Meh a 2-Day USPS box in return for an IRK–so I can finally land my first one (just as long as it’s not full of masks and Trackrs. I have no use for them and don’t want too much regret ). <— (am aware I just jinxed myself)

These mangoes and bananas are 4x tastier than supermarket ones, but no promises on the avocado quality (not even sure these’ll ripen ). Sapodillas would be nice for the staff members that like sweet potato pie.

Yes, @Weboh is the one making the proposal. Were you expecting it to be anyone else?