{UNOFFICIAL} Goat trophies-The Month of Meh-Mas


So I hear there were trophies. I hear that some people didn’t get them. I hear that some people dropped the ball. Well it’s Christmas time still so here is my offer. To the goats of this year 2019, and whomever ends up the 2020 January goat. Whisper me your address and I the greatest December 2019 goat will send you a trophy. I’m also the only Dec 2019 goat so that helps. I can guarantee your trophy will be pretty Meh but not completely meh and it will arrive between Jan 1 and Feb 13. If you were not a goat in 2019 and you don’t have a trophy I might consider providing one (quantity buy prices will make the decision) unless @chadp, @snapster, @dave, @thumperchick or any other Meh employee wants to step up to the plate and pay the 3.99 each

/giphy greatest goat

/giphy goat trophy