Goat Toy Day 9


The Airzooka is a blast. (Sorry!) Why blow candles out when you can shoot them? Do you have siblings, children, co-workers, and/or pets you need to annoy?

It’s an air vortex cannon. Basically a plastic cylinder with a flexible diaphragm, and bungee cords for power. It fires a fairly focused blast of air 20 feet or more. About $20, all over the place.

It has a pop up sight, but it’s not all that useful. So I’m fairly sure the laser version is just for laughs.

Airzooka vs. Candles:

There’s also a big brother, the Megazooka. It’s almost twice as long, and has two handles. It’s supposed to be much more powerful, but I’ve only got the Airzooka, so I have no first hand experience.

So how do you work it, if both hands are on the grips? On the Megazooka, the arming knob pulls back and locks into place, then the trigger on the rear handle fires it.

Airzooka history. 100% accurate, I’m sure.