Goat Toy Day 25


Apologies for my slacking. It’s been a busy day, but I’ve got my favorite toy back. I bought it barely used in 2012, and it’s been my daily driver ever since. Yes, even in winter. I’ve got a second set of wheels with winter tires.

Six weeks ago an oil leak and gear noise from the differential suddenly turned into CLUNK and BANG, so I parked it waiting for a time slot at a local Camaro/Chevy specialty shop.

The left side bearings were gone, and the ring gear had carved a slot in the differential cover. They said it was the worst diff they’d ever seen, and this is a performance shop that builds 1000 HP race motors. I asked them if that meant I got a trophy.

JDP Motorsports doesn’t really need me to sing their praise, as they’ve already earned a nationwide reputation, but I’m glad to have a local gearhead shop that knows their stuff.

Note the red 2nd generation Camaro in the background.