Gimme ur instant pot recipe

meh thought this was worth mentioning said

A while ago, I asked people for crock pot recommendations and all you weirdos suggested I get an Instant Pot. Well I finally did, the Duo 60. Today I am making a pot roast with carrots and baby red potatoes.

What are you best recipes? I’d like to go one a kick with making things in it. Any steak recipes? Really good pasta sauce? Indian food? Cheesecake?

I’ve read lots of recipes online, but I’m interested in what the community has for “go to” instant pot things. Also, a lot of the internet has taken the very simple “cook things fast” and turned it into overcomplicated messy mess that happens to use the IP at some point during a long recipe. I’m into it more for the “throw some shit into the pot and an hour later there is food” kind of recipe.