G.O.A.T feces


Second entry for Greatest of All Time, (in honor of meh selling a “steamer” today) is the greatest animal feces of all time.

There’s lots of great animal dung out there. Most of it makes great fertilizer. Some dung like cow and camel dung is burnt as fuel. 2 tonnes of camel dung can replace 1 ton of coal for electricity generation.

All over the world houses are made in part from cow feces. Not only does this make a surprisingly resilient structure it also is a natural mosquito repellent.

My suggestion for greatest animal feces of all time (but let me know if there is animal feces you like better) is Camel Dung.

Why camel dung? Well, like cow dung it can be used as fuel, a building supply, and fertilizer but what makes camel dung the greatest is that it can save lives.

During WWII the Nazis were doing their evil thing around Africa when a lot of them started getting sick with dysentery and many of them died. They noticed the Bedouin people that lived there didn’t get sick. Turns out the Bedouin people would follow camels around and when they pooped they would harvest the poop and eat it.

Fresh steaming camel poo is apparently a cure for dysentery, but you have to get it fresh for it to work. Turns out there is a bacteria in the camel’s digestive tract that kills other bacteria.

The Germans quickly learned to make a broth (a poop soup) to feed that good bacteria. It was a little more palatable than eating the poo fresh. (Yes, so Nazis literally ate shit… Or at least some of them did).

Later they learned to create a pill containing the bacteria so that they didn’t have to eat camel poop anymore.

So the reason camel turds are the greatest turds of all time is that they saved countless thousands of Bedouin lives over the centuries that those people were eating it.

Imagine if they had camel poop on the Oregon Trail! Many a 80’s childhood would have been easier.

/ Random related fun fact. Germans used to like running over camel poo with their tanks as they believed squishing camel poo with a tank brought good luck. The allies found out about this and started hiding land mines in camel poops.