Fetch me another goat! (December 2022 Scapegoat Blame Thread)


Is it already December? What happened to 2022? Er…best not to remind me. How about we let the past be and move on to the final month of the year with hopes for a better tomorrow? Not that yesterday was bad. @capnjb was the scapegoat yesterday (and the rest of November in case anyone overlooked the daily posts) and that was lovely. But today is a new day and new month which calls for a new scapegoat. Sorta. I mean, for the second time, it’s not a human, so we aren’t getting a scapegoat so much as a scapepup. @CharlieDoggo pulled off a completely uncontested run for the role, so looks like this place has officially gone to the dogs.


Heh, the AI has done it again. I’ll call that a win. Looks like you’ll need something else to blame on @CharlieDoggo to kick things off.