Fantasy MuskBall Week 9 Update: We're all Elon for Willijs3's ride


Howdy, Muskaholics!

The results of Weeks 7 and 8 have been tabulated, the spreadsheet has been updated, and the @Willijs3 hype train continues with 8 straight correct predictions.

Elon was not held in contempt by the end of March but he did appear in person for his court date. Last week he was held in contempt by those with taste when he dropped a “Harambe” rap on Soundcloud.

@EpicLandShark, @bodly, @steveml, @Fuzzalini, and @JoetatoChip round out the top 5 thanks to correctly predicting those events in Weeks 7 & 8, with 785 other MuskBallers hot on their heels.

We’re nearing the end of this 12-week season and the question on everybody’s mind isn’t “who will win” but “who will place 2nd?”