EPV recommendations from your experience please (Electric Personal Vehicle)


TL;DR? I need an electric vehicle for local errands. I want to spend less than $500. Skates, skateboards and hoverboards won’t work for me.

So last year I moved my mother from out of state, and got her a house very close to mine. It’s close enough to be a quick trip, but far enough away that walking, especially in the summer heat, or if I need to hurry, is just a bit too far.

I stop by to check on her several times a week. Rather than hopping in my truck and burning up dinosaurs every time I pop over to her house, I’m contemplating some form of electric conveyance. I suspect electric bicycles are probably above my current budget, so I’m likely limited to scooters.

Electric skateboards, hoverboards and the like are not in consideration because my bones are much more brittle than they were when I was 19.

I need something with at least two wheels. Range should be 4-5 miles or more. I’m not looking to set any land speed records, but it would be nice if it would do at least 8-10mph. Oversize tires would be a welcome addition as well due to street conditions on the route between our houses.

And I want to spend less than a hunnert bucks.

No, really, I realize I will have to spend more than a hundred, but it would be nice to trip into something reliable for a few hundred. $500 would be about the top of the mark for me to justify. I’m all for saving the planet and reducing my carbon footprint, but my budget hasn’t exactly signed on to that plan yet.

Anyone who has experience with EPVs as a commuter, please share your experience. I’m happy to hear from everyone, but if your experience is limited to “I rode my buddy’s scooter around the park once” I’m not sure I can glean much useful information from that.