Dog park etiquette

RiotDemon thought this was worth mentioning said

I took my dog to the dog park today to get her out of the house since I’ve been sick and sleeping most of the day.

At first it was fine. Two dogs there. Another dog showed up that would not quit trying to hump all the dogs. Eventually he zeroed in on my dog. It got to the point where I pulled her away to get water and he followed her and wouldn’t leave her be even when I was pushing him away. Finally the owner came to pull him away when I was looking at a scratch on her nose. She also got a scratch on her belly. I guess the dog needed it’s nails trimmed.

I left frustrated. I felt bad that my dog got hurt. She’s older and she left with a little bit of a limp.

I just don’t get why the owner doesn’t stop the dog from humping constantly.

Would you of said anything to the owner? I just kept telling the dog that she doesn’t like that, especially when the owner came to pull her away. I guess it was kind of passive aggressive.