RiotDemon went on a bit of a rant said

Ok. I need advice.

My best friend just told me today that her boyfriend gave her a promise ring.

She’s been dating him for two weeks. They dated previously for 3 weeks and he broke up with her because she didn’t call him and text him all day while she was trying to get a specialized medicine for her dog. He didn’t call or text her either. So, two way street.

I was happy when they broke up because he’s been in jail for the last four years or so because of fighting and one count of hitting a child. I tried to hold back any judgement but it was a relief at the end. He’s still married. He told her he loved her from the moment they met. She even told me that she was overwhelmed and he was mad that she didn’t love him back right away. He has two kids. One with his wife and then one with another woman. She met the nonwife and that woman was fucking pissed because she didn’t have any warning that my friend was with her kid.

I’m trying to be a supportive friend but now she just told me that they are talking about marriage once he gets divorced.

I just see red flags everywhere. My friend just jumped into this relationship because she had a few deaths in the family and she didn’t want to be alone.

After the first break up she went out with a guy that she was fighting with several times before they even met and I told her he was not worth her time. After that shit fell apart.

I just feel like she’s being completely self destructive and it scares the shit out of me.

I don’t know how to be a supportive friend when I think this dude is just love bombing her and taking advantage.

He doesn’t have a steady job. He just works side jobs. He lives in an apartment that his parents own. After they broke up I told her that I think he’s not trying to get a real job because the state will garnish his wages for child support. She even agreed with me.

Anytime I tell her any concerns she says “I don’t let him take advantage of me.”

How do I be supportive when I’m worried as hell?