Day 5 Gas is How Much???

chienfou thought this was worth mentioning said

So, I got my tasks done yesterday, managing to dig up a dozen blueberry plants, and dropping off a bag of chick starter/grower (we are splitting an order of chicks that should arrive early next week). Then, on the way home, I stopped to get gas at a town about 20 miles from the house. At first I thought maybe I had stopped at a station that had been out of business for a while…
Gas was $1.28 a gallon!!
Really, one dollar and twenty-eight cents… for a gallon…Plus since it was a Shell station and I have/use their fuel rewards program, I got another $ 0.03 off that. On top of that, I used my Sam’s club MC which pays back 5% on gas purchases, so the effective cost was about $ 1.19/ gallon.
Locally (in my town) it’s still $1.79… $1.89 at the Shell station. Too bad we are all confined to the house!
How are gas prices in your neck of the woods?