Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 22


This is what competition is all about. A fierce battle that goes down to the wire. Who would have thought that Funky Socks and Comforters would have such a close fight? We checked the photo finish but all that was found was a picture of some guys junk. That’s the last time I leave my camera unattended at the bar. Anyway, it was back and forth all day but with the final score of 26 to 25, Comforters will take on today’s winner in the next round. It took one final comment in the forum post to find that winner but it was a clear vote for Comforters.

Speaking of today’s winner, let’s welcome back the heroes of Halloween - Fidget Spinners! In the last round Fidget Spinners took all the Pop out of the Sockets. It was a lot uglier than expected and things didn’t end well. Services were private and the Pop Socket families have requested privacy at this time. Feel free to take a moment and bow your head in remembrance. The real question is if they can do it again considering the strength of their competition - Bubba Bottles. The final score of their match against the Contigo family was pretty close to the Spinners score. Might we have another nail biter in the making? Once again it’s niche vs. classic and I for one can’t wait to see what happens!

On a side note, special shout out to @UncleVinny for providing the only attempt at an actual limerick. The rest of you have severely disappointed me, except for @tinamarie1974 who at least had the graciousness to compliment my somewhat misguided attempt at poetic wordsmanship. Bonus point for the two of you.