Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 21


I’m sorry I didn’t save yesterday’s definition of ‘annihilation’ for today. I Googled “what’s worse than annihilation” but all it returned was synonyms. Obviously Google isn’t familiar with Meh T-Shirts. To paraphrase Chris Berman: They-could-go-all-the-way! While I haven’t actually been tracking the highest number of votes per item, I have no doubt the Shirts take the top spot with their 40-7 fluffing of Pillows.

Today we have another big winner from round one. Funky Socks are back to see if they can funk up the Comforters. This is a contest I really wish we could have thousands of people vote on. I feel like Funky Socks have a very specific following here on meh. They have a uniqueness about them compared to some of the other items we’ve seen and that’s how fans are created. But Comforters are more commonly found in every home and they’re something the masses are more likely to desire. If I was a betting goat I’d wager that the larger the crowd the more likely Comforters would win. But this is meh, and only a small handful of mehtizens will be shaping the next round of this tourney. We’ll know in a day what you very special people prefer.

Let’s kick off this Sunday with some poetry for no other reason than I felt the rest of my post was kind of boring. Feel free to submit your own Tournament of 32 inspired limericks.

You might want Funky Socks for your feet,
Or a Comforter to give you some heat;
Only one can move on,
The other is gone;
Soon Bubbas or Spinners they’ll meet.