Christmas Cards Schristmas Schmards


Inspired by the old Revell models and some thangs I found on thingiverse (links below), I decided to make a HOLIDAY MODEL KIT to give out to friends an whatnot.

boxes of kits

Naturally, I posted it to reddit
…and then it made it to Boing Boing

But the place I didn’t share it? Here. With y’all.

I’ve been really stoked by the reaction from the interwebs, so I spent the day trying to actually read and interact with all the comments in various places.

And I saw someone… familiar… @RiotDemon

So here it 'tis, I’m really super proud of how well they turned out and I can only hope the reaction from my frands is as great as the internet.

If y’all want to make your own, here are the files (I only made the one)