Christmas candy and treats


Stopped at Aldi today for supplies and they had a lot of their Christmas special candies and sweets. Cherry Stollen bread, spekulatias cookies, truffles, fancy chocolates, milk and white chocolate coins, stuff with marzipan… it was a fun trip! We always ship out a box of treats with the main gifts to each remote family group. This year they’ll be going out early with the Advent calendars so they have them by December 1st.

Also ordered our annual cases of Sweets milk chocolate orange sticks and some other flavors for the pickier recipients (cherry and raspberry). They added a mango chile flavor this year so a couple of those are on the way too. You can only order the sticks once the weather is cool so they’ll survive shipping. When we were kids you could find these in local stores, and we started buying them for ourselves but also as gifts to family.

Wally world (soon to be on the annual shit list for stealing Thanksgiving from their employees again) had the Terry’s chocolate oranges; orange flavor infused in the chocolate. Those were favorites of our parents and grandparents, so one gets sent to each family group every year too.

Some traditions are just so tasty…