@Barney stats! I love purple, you love purple, we’re a happy purple family


We’ve been curious from the very beginning about our color-loving friend, and we still know so little about @Barney. Who is @Barney really? Does @Barney like or love purple? Is @Barney actually just a rapidly evolving and sentient purple bot?

I think for the most part these questions are better left unanswered. The mystery shrouding @Barney is one of the best parts! But we still wanted to look a little closer at exactly what @Barney posts so we took a look at some stats!

Note: these stats are slightly outdated as we pulled them just before @Barney became the goat. Anything in parenthesis is an editor’s note.

Barney’s Blabs

We looked at what @Barney had to say and how many times they said everything; unsurprisingly there was a clear favorite:
- I love purple - 663
- I like purple - 78
- Purple (just purple) - 8
- Other - 30
- Images - 1 (url now links to a 404 page)
- Videos - 1

Purple Punctuation

When posting I love purple @Barney used these punctuation marks this many times:
- I love purple! 42
- I love purple. 730
- I love purple? 7

Daily Dinosaur

We also wondered when @Barney posts, so here’s a breakdown of total posts by day:
- Monday: 150
- Tuesday: 95
- Wednesday: 117
- Thursday: 111
- Friday: 150
- Saturday: 87
- Sunday: 72

And a graph to go with it:

(That huge spike is from the day we sold a Fuku)

Off-Color Comments

These are my personal favorite comments from @Barney that weren’t just “I love/like purple”:
- Hmm… … … (purple blush)
- Aww, fudge!
- I’m purple sorry.
- I luv prpl
- Ich liebe lila.
- Purple Barney!

Thanks for all of the colorful entertainment, @Barney!

We love purple. We love @Barney.