Deleted post log 2-9-2015


I am deleting the following posts from the first comments of this mornings event. I will probably go further than @jont will in the future in trying to filter down to quality.

in price check area and also worthless

too worthless for early trendsetting comments:

likely meta based on new rules posted - mildly funny but given trendsetting position and poor signal to noise I deleted it

tired of various ways to say meh so while this attempt at humor is at least creative it gets the ax

less creative easy delete

maybe more creative? deleted

So there are a few more marginal ones I've left - My take is as you start getting a reasonable density of relevant observations, questions and critiques, the signal to noise ratio allows for it.

edit: also the eyepatch one I cut above could have stayed were it in the general comment area. I think comments about the joke image (and write up) are above the bar due to being specifically related to the event.

edit: shit, it's 2015 - I avoided that mistake all year until now.