Are they removing or changing Stone Mountain carving?

Star2236 went on a bit of a rant said

I’m having a very hard time reading today bc I got my Botox done for my eyes yesterday (which I posted about when someone asked about Botox). But I was wondering if someone could help me out and answer my question. Maybe you live in the area and know more info about it or are more up in the news than I am. I know it’s a very controversial topic and I’m denying that or supporting the whole white supremacy thing. I visited Stone Mountain about 5-6 years ago and thought it was so cool bc of the how big the mural itself was and how detail it was (it could have been of big bird and I still would have been impressed). It’s not the mural itself that I like but how someone took the time and dedication to do something that big on the side of a mountain. And for that I would like to visit again before something is changed. The park itself is also very nice and has many other attraction too. I’m also a firm believer that some things shouldn’t be removed from history no matter what they represent bc of the history they represent themself ( if I’m saying that right). It’s like your trying to erase history and say that it never existed. Good or bad they are still a part of history. But that’s another topic. Anyways does anybody know what the plans are for the mural in Stone Mountain? This is not endorsed by a white supremacist or a member of the kkk. (Weird fact I live Oakland county, MI and home of the kkk used to be in Holly a few towns over. I don’t think they have a big presence there anymore but I don’t know bc I don’t go to Holly much or know anybody from the kkk or that supports White supremacy. My hairdresser lives there and says it’s not as bad as it used to be but she’s very young too).