April 15th IRK Reveal!


Could it be? Am I the first?

A slightly longer-than-normal box from Meh arrived today. It was tantalizingly solid in its weight. Not too heavy, but not light either. Dared I let visions of disrobable speakers dance in my head for the precious moments between doorstep and knife where only Schrodinger knows what’s in the box? I shan’t say.

the irk irk irk, the irk is the work


  • 1 cheerful Orange IRK bag
  • Seemingly requisite 1amp micro usb charger, I still think these are useful
  • Fancy sonic exfoliating face machine
  • Airbuds, the packaging of which is high end enough I have hopes that they don’t suck and might be good to use
  • 3 black Incase 15" Macbook Pro cases. I bet from the product offerings they don’t fit my wife’s model year, but even if they do, 3 of them is a number guaranteed to ensure some regret, since you may have a MacBook, maybe even two in a family, but only someone named Jobs or Cook probably would have 3. Well played, Meh!

Thanks, Meh!