a Very Mediocre Promotion (ENDED)


In an attempt to anger and depress those of you who have stuck with us the longest, we’ve put together an event that only VMPs can buy from. It’s essentially an extension of the Meh-rathon with a couple extra discounts and it’ll be up for a few days.

It has taken a lot of work and planning but I believe we’ve got the perfect balance here:

  • VMPs will be disappointed in what we’re selling and annoyed that we’re considering this a benefit
  • Members will be confused that they can’t buy, and frustrated they don’t get a special sale
  • Non-members-of-any-kind will get mad that I don’t have a better description of their emotions here

Let me know how we did. I’d love to hear suggestions for future events and ideas that will dishearten as many of our community as possible.