A note to meh staff

Star2236 went on a bit of a rant said

We were hopping 2024 would be a great year for meh, with the return of the $5 irk.

We miss the excitement and entertainment of trying to be one of 250 to get an irk in less than a nano second and bragging about it to our friends. We miss the anticipation of waiting for our irk after it shipped all around the country and finally made it to our house. We miss the joy that filled our hearts as we pick up that box, mentally weighing as we brought it in from outside. We miss the euphoria we got as we tore into that box like a kid on Christmas morning waiting to see what good treasures and treats meh sent us. And lastly we miss the suspense of waiting to check meh at midnight as to see a mehathon and start the process again.

So you see meh, you’re breaking our hearts by having these mehathons where everyone can buy an irk (and by making buy stuff we don’t need). You think you’re being fair but life isn’t fair so why should you be.
Also we’re here for the good stuff, not trackers, phone case/rings, car phone charger, Mac book cases, boxes of paint and hand sanitizer. If you wanna throw that stuff in to take up the Texas air then fine but don’t send us boxes of those. We might as be shopping at woot!
If money is your objective, I’m sure we’d all be willing to pay more per irk knowing there was a 75% chance that decent stuff is in there. We know they can all be winners. Oh and lastly we like the bags, bc the thing we know is in every single irk is the bag. It’s made of 3 components and what’s number one, a bag.