A Goat Is Just A Big Kid (June 2023 scapegoat blame thread)


See what I did there? Because “kid” is the proper term for…never mind, let’s just get down to it.

Summer is a thing that’s happening. Too soon for some of you, and not soon enough for others. Regardless of the camp you fall into, someone is to blame for your current suffering, and we can’t leave that all on @KNmeh7 since May is done and dusted. Seems like the June vote left us with no choice but to give our worst to @gogrrl, or goat girl if you will…at least for June.


The AI did us a solid once again with the new scapegoat image. A fine summer goat there. Unblame for that one, but we know @gogrrl is still responsible for the rest of this mess. Get to it.