A Choice was made


The wife went out to see her sister’s cats - kittens- whatever. I mentioned she could pick up food on her way back home.

We have Life360 on our phones and it notified me that she had completed a drive and it was quite a while after she left, so I figured that she must have stopped somewhere on her way back home.

I open Life360 and, sure enough, she has. It doesn’t have the business name on the map, but I THINK she’s at Taco Bell (not great, but a decent choice). Switch over to Google Maps (location shared there too) and make the same determination.

I get notified she is home and I call my youngest in for dinner (the other two are at a church thing). She comes in and no food…

I had read the location wrong. She had stopped at the liquor store instead…

I gave her a slight hard time about not having enough for both and she picks liquor (this is not true). To be fair, she has been out of her favorite for a month or two and just hadn’t made it to the liquor store to get more (which should last her 2 or 3 months) and we did have food at home that we just cooked because no one wanted to go out.