4-20-20 Let's talk about....


Adoloph Hitler’s birthday
Deep Water Horizon

Nah, screw it… let’s talk about POT! (Didn’t see that coming, I bet!)
As a child of the 70’s I had my share of exposure to ‘whacky tabacky’, whether it was in High School tokin’ up before going to gym class… I took night classes for one semester to get my mandatory gym requirement out of the way so I could escape graduate HS early. The other kids in the class were all taking it to get the needed credit made up due to having failed PE. About the only way to fail PE was to not dress out, so needless to say these were not the jock set. As I have mentioned before I was a nerdy kid, and not at all PE “A student” material. Another guy who was getting out early and I would light up on the way to class at night, and since we
a) dressed out
b) participated
c) showered after class
we were the top students in the class. It was a fun time, and made the drudgery of PE more bearable.
BTW, I got a C in the class that met during the day.
… or during College, living in the Mile High State. I had two roommates that were both Dutch and we kept a communal stock of all the necessities of life. Each week we took turns shopping. One would go to the grocery store, one to the liquor store, and the other would have the week off. The next week we would rotate thru the list… It all worked out well, we each spent about the same amount of $$ over all and once in a while we would all pony up come cash and buy an oz or so and split that which got us some volume discounts that would not have been possible otherwise.
Now I am an ER nurse, live in a state that frowns on all things herb related (though you can at least find CBD oil for those that benefit from its use), and don’t want to jeopardize my freedom, livelihood or potentially my life dealing with dealers.
I have travelled to several states with “relaxed” pot laws, but as of yet have not made the effort to partake, especially since SWMBO is not a big fan. My fond memories of lighting up all involve others around me, and I really can’t remember smoking all alone. Wait… NO, I DON’T mean I have no memory of those episodes, but rather that they very rarely (if ever) happened.
So, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
Do you think marijuana should be decriminalized and routinely available?
Do you live in a state with relaxed MJ laws?
TL:DR Cannabis… HELL Yeah!