2020 Dec. Goat Daily Rant 03


Daily rant: Stolen Theme. Fruit tree of the day.
Thanks for the theme, @Weboh. Yoink!
Sub-theme: Lazy/inactive. I’m not willing to put in the work that @Weboh did and I have nowhere near the expertise to do it justice.

Okay, more of a fruit of the day. We will discuss the Arkansas Black Apple.
Arkansas Black Apples

The Arkansas Black is a deep-dark red apple that continues to darken after it’s picked, and it’s a little more spherical in shape, even flattened a little, than other varieties. It stores very well long-term, up to 6 months cold with no issues, due to its thick, dark skin. In fact, it’s hard and sour when picked, softening and sweetening over time. It should even sit for a couple months to develop. Once developed, it sweetens and takes on flavors similar to vanilla and cinnamon. Like a wine, it improves with age. It makes excellent cider.
An heirloom apple that was once very popular, in 1900 there were thousands of acres in Arkansas dedicated to growing this fruit. Moth infestation, bacterial blight, and the dust bowl greatly impacted apple production in the region, and the variety was relegated to local markets and fruit stands. It is being produced throughout the US now, however, and its popularity and availability is returning.

Arkansas Black Apple tree