2020 Dec. Goat Daily Rant 01


Okay so I may have sowed the seeds for this burden.

First off, as in recent years, the designated scapegoat has made a daily thread, so here we are.

Also, as in recent months, many of our acting goats have designated a theme, such as Fruit Tree of the Day, or Lego Kit of the Day. I won’t do exactly that; I had too many ideas for themes, so I will do a hybrid.

  • Rant of the Day. Formal rant, not as above, meant in a general sense. Somewhere, the record needs to be set straight, or more attention needs to be focused on something.
  • Stolen Theme of the Day. I will continue previous scapegoat bits, like a new fruit tree or Lego kit or… did somebody do bowling balls or My Little Ponys?
  • Swearing and complaining with no particular target or source. This should feel quite at home to most of us.
  • Mutation. Like the above, but perhaps with a twist, like a nut tree of the day or a rant taking the opposite point of view of a previous rant.

I promise to live down to your already low standards. Also, it’s not me it’s you. I can guarantee you that whatever you’re blaming me for is actually your fault.

Also, this qualifies as today’s rant.