Your Choice of Eternal Stress Relief Shiatsu Massagers with Heat

  • Look, you deserve a heated massage
  • Good for the upper back, the lower back, or full-body relaxation
  • Plug them in at home or in your car thanks to the included adaptors
  • They’re heated, but won’t overheat
  • Model: 5H14T5U54N-80YL3
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The Heat Is On

What are some things that are pretty much universally considered to be comforting?

A steaming bowl of soup. Macaroni and cheese. A nice cup of tea. A long shower or bath. A big bed with thick blankets.

Just thinking about these things is bound to make you sigh and feel cozy inside.

But what’s the common denominator here? What do all of these things have in common that is, essentially, the root of what makes them so comfortable?

It’s simple: heat.

Even booze served cold and on the rocks can be comforting for the blooming warmth you feel in your chest as you drink it. The problem is, like booze, all of these things should be used sparingly.

You don’t want to eat a cup of chowder before turning off the light and going to sleep, lest you want to wake up in the middle of the night clutching your stomach. Same goes for a cast iron of baked Mac and cheese. Tea, on the other hand, if overdone, can lead to frequent trips to the bathroom for the other kind of relief. Showers and baths exceeding an hour are pretty irresponsible, both financially and environmentally. And while working-from-bed has been easier these past nine or so months, it’ll be tough to talk your boss into replacing cubicle with a futon and a couple comforters once you’re back in the office.

But these Eternal Stress Relief Shiatsu Massagers with Heat? They can be used any time, any place.

Before bed? At your desk, while you’re getting some work done? On the couch, binge-watching a British reality television show? It doesn’t matter. One of these bad boys will be there to give you an intense yet soothing heated massage when you need it, where you need it. (And when we say that, we mean both where you are, and also where on your body you need that pressure and heat… although, you know, massaging some areas might be frowned upon in public.)

So save the chowder and the pasta for lunch or dinner, put the tea away, get out of the tub, and leave the blankets on the bed where they belong. Because, with these, we got you covered.

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