West Bend Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Maker

  • 6-quarts of popping capacity at your fingertips
  • Better than a pot on the stove, better than a bag in the microwave
  • Super easy to clean
  • Can it make margaritas: with only a little major rewiring, it’s possible
  • A video’s worth a thousand words
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Pop it like it’s hot.

Did you know that you can make popcorn on the stove with a regular-ass pot?

It sounds like some Little House on the Prairie shit, but it’s true. Except they didn’t have Netflix at the Little House on the Prairie, so we’re not sure why they would need popcorn in the first place.

Maybe they had basic cable back then? Was there Bravo on the frontier? The Real Little Housewives on the Prairie…was that a thing?

“Isabelle doth lost her damned mind, casting the contents of her tin cup upon me in this way. About to receive some learning, she is…” Removes beaded earrings

Anyway, the point is that you could make popcorn in a pot but you probably aren’t going to, kind of like how you could make your own butter if you were so inclined. But that nonsense is for old school frontier people and new school hipsters with too much time on their hands.

You, however, are going to want a popcorn maker.

Today’s deal is the machine you want.

Is it as convenient as those bags that you just throw in the microwave, which some idiot at your office will inevitably leave unattended until the building needs to be evacuated? Maybe not.

But you can make more popcorn at once and it will taste a lot better and you won’t have to do that awkward thing where you carry it by the corner saying “hot hot hot” like a fool every time.

Oh and when you buy popcorn in bulk kernels instead of individual bags pumped full of artificial flavoring with a creepy old man on the box, then it costs almost nothing. A quick google search of “idiotically large popcorn jug” returns an immediate result of a seven-pound container for like twenty bucks. Do you know how many bowls of popcorn that works out to? Like 100.

Just for a fun comparison, 100 bowls of popcorn at a movie theater would cost you somewhere around $400,000, which is especially outrageous considering that you can get it for free from those big plastic barrels that are always at all the exits. #ProTip #Frugal

So definitely get yourself a real popcorn maker. The next thing you know, you could be enjoying popcorn in contexts that are completely screen-free.

You know, like playing charades or watching Isabelle get thrown into the garden by her damn hair.

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