Vivimage Explore 2 or Explore 3 Projector with 120" Screen

  • Explore 2 stats: 1280 x 720P Native resolution, 5000 lux brightness, 3500:1 contrast ratio, ±15° vertical keystone correction, 3w speakers, 38-200in. screen size; has wifi capabilities
  • Explore 3 stats: 1920 x 1080P Native resolution; 6800 lux brightness; 8000:1 contrast ratio; ± 40° vertical keystone correction; 10w speakers; 53-300in. screen size; does not have wifi capabilities
  • TL;DR: Explore 3 is better but doesn’t have wifi
  • Either way, you get a 120" screen
  • Can it make margaritas: it sure can make margaritas (appear on screen, if you’re watching something where there are margaritas)
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Project Yourself

So, if you go to this page on dooxly and scroll a little bit, you’ll find the answer to the question that we’re sure you’re wondering about right now.

Sorry, no, not: How, in a world where we have Good Time and The Lighthouse as evidence of R-Pat’s immense acting talents, did Matt Reeves write such a bland Bruce Wayne for The Batman?

The question you will find answered is this: what’s the difference between the Vivimage Explore 2 and the Explore 3? And the answer, according to the side-by-side comparison, is pretty everything.

The Explore 3 has better native resolution (1920 x 1080 px) than the Explore 2 (1280 x 720 px), better brightness (6800 lux vs. 5000 lux), a better contrast ratio (8000:1 vs. 3000:1), better Keystone correction (± 40° vertical vs ± 15° vertical), speakers (10w vs. 3w), and screen size (53-300in vs. 38-200in). The only thing that the Explore 2 has over the Explore 3, weirdly, is wifi connectivity.

In other words, Vivimage upgraded all the right things. They didn’t make the Explore 3 way smaller for some reason, or add their own clunky digital assistant, or slap on a touch screen control that’s way less functional than a series of basic-ass buttons, or do something else that would not justify the 40 extra dollars you might pay for it. They just took the projector they had and made it a better projector.

Which is nice, because it means your decision really comes down to what you want to project. For example, do you want to recreate the movie theater experience as best you can while screening The Batman whenever it comes to streaming? Maybe go with the Explore 3. On the other hand, you might want to have a goofy movie night where you watch Tim Burton’s Batman, as digitized from your worn-out childhood VHS. In that case, the Explore 2 should work just fine.

Really, what’s important here is that you get a screen with whichever projector you choose!

(Okay, fine, it’s actually not that important that you get a screen. We just forgot to mention it before.)

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